Kim Koniaz

Massage Therapist in Phoenix, AZ

In 1996, my neighbor, a Professional Reflexologist, gracously taught me how to help my infant son by uaing reflexology. This was my introduction to whole new world of understanding and that was a day she changed my life forever. The more I learned about the possabilities associated with this therapy, the more I was pulled to it. Through SWIHA, I met my first massage therapists, and from two of these individuals I recieved help in recovering the use of my hands and uper body during a very rough time in my I am also a success story as a client of these therapies. Upon my Divorce in 2005, I found the path made clear for me to begin my professional life helping others as I myself had been helped so long ago...I have found that this has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, aside from being a mother....
I love my work and I beleive in my profession!

My Intention...
Is to provide for each individual, a natural holistic approach in my therapies. Always taking in to consideration the comfort, health and overall well-being of my clients. I offer my knowledge and abilities, with the intent that each person will receive therapy of the highest quality and standards. I value my profession, and I value all of those individuals whome come to my table for assistance....


I offer the following kinds of massage: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology.



State License # MT-08195

Graduate of Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, class of 2006.

My Education allowing me to recieve my liscense to be your Massage Therapist

PTMC - Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College (Metro Campus) At the time of my education, this school was in the process of being purchased and transfered to Cortiva Institue and has since become Cortiva.....

Completed a detailed 760 hour course of study, graduated earning a 4.0 grade average.

Began 11/07/2005 graduated 07/06/2006.
Course study included, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, MyoFacial Release & Trigger Point, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Geriatric Massage, Tui-Na, Reflexology, Hydrotherapiy, and body salt scrub (Salt Glow).

Reflexology Background
Origionated with a course of study through
SWIHA - Southwest Institute of Healing Arts during the year 1998... 13years of experiences with it's use.
Continuing Education Programs

Matrix Energetics - Course Level 1 & 2
Held in the Phoenix Area 24 CEU Credits
Instructor: Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C, N.D
Nov:2007 NCTMB Authorized

Hot Stone Massage 7 CEU Credits
Cortiva Institute, School of Massage Therapy.
Instructor: Allyson McCullough
Oct:2008 NCTMB Authorized

LaStone 30 CEU Credits
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Instructor: Sheena Yakopatz
Oct:2010 NCTMB Authorized


(602) 540-2445 | imkmk AT mail DOT com


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