Marie graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle, Washington in the fall of 2009. This was a fertile place of growth and learning for her not only because of the demanding curriculum, but because of the community. The staff built a supportive environment to everyone who went to Cortiva, which created a comfortable and rewarding place to blossom and expand knowledge the healing arts.
Marie has been practicing massage full time since her graduation approximately 5 years ago. This experience has been very grounding for her, which has included medical massage as well as therapeutic and spa treatment, lomi lomi. Marie has had the opportunity to expand her massage knowledge and experience and continue to hone her skills and passion for massage every day! Marie is very highly requested she is very hard to schedule with so you have to book at least a week ahead.
Her Favorites: Myofascial Release, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Hot Seashells, Lomi Lomi, and to further her education on new modality is cupping starting late this summer.
What led her to massage?
Marie became a massage therapist because she cares about helping people feel better and to be able to move around without feeling sore or tightness anywhere in their body. Marie is known for her magic hands, and her ability to feel where all the knots are. Marie was 4 months pregnant with her son, and she was at a four way stop sign on a highway intersection over the Peninsula enjoying the beautiful countryside of Washington State. All of a sudden, she was rear ended from a pickup truck. Low and behold, the universe was protecting them both. Her son and Marie were fine except that she had lower back pain. Marie was looking for a massage therapist that did pregnancy massage through the yellow pages and she happened to find one that did auto accidents. All through the rest of the pregnancy she received massage and Marie was interested on how the woman became a massage therapist, she answered her questions and Marie surely wanted to check out the schools. Many years later she finished her High School credits, and graduated from North Seattle Community College in June of 2007. She then started massage school in April of 2008 and completed the program in September of 2009. Marie's dream has finally come true to heal the community in the Seattle area.

Contact Me

(206) 459-1435

marienorton4743 AT comcast DOT net

Marie Norton LMP - Licensed Massage Therapist

I offer the following kinds of massage: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy.

My Professional History:
Massage Envy
03/2011 thru 10/2011

Evergreen Chiropractic Clinic
05/ 2010 Thru 01/ 2011

Lavida Massage 10/2011 thru 07/19/14

Proprietorship/Marie Norton, LMP
Willow's Awakening
05/2010 till present.

State License # MA60121406

Graduate of Cortiva Institute, class of 2009.

1100 hour degree (Cortiva Institute of Massage)
03/05/2011 Professional Ethics for Bodyworkers Ursula Frank 6.00
02/04/2011 Neurofascial Micheal Hamm @ Cortiva Institute of Massage 2.00
04/29/2010 Intraoral Structures: Anatomy, Mechanics and Self-Massage Micheal Hamm 1.50
03/09/2010 "Feeling into the Body" Michael Hamm 1.50

03/02/2013 Seven day intensive program of lomi lomi massage training. Hawaiian culture, language, mythology.
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing Arts Massage Intensive 50.00
03/25/2012 LomiLomi Therapeutic Massage Kolleen Kohlrus (Provider) # 450054-06

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