Where to get your Professional Liability Insurance

“What’s the best place to get my liability insurance?” I think I have heard this question more often than any other since I graduated from massage school in 2002. Insurance is insurance. Some therapists go with one insurer over another because of additional benefits offered, for example by an AMTA membership. But, some of us are just looking for the best deal.

So, for those that want to do their own shopping, here is a list of masage insurance carriers currently known to me. I hope you find this helpful:

Affinity Insurance Services
American Massage Council
Hands On Trades

One thought on “Where to get your Professional Liability Insurance

  1. K Buehler

    For the past 13 years, I’ve managed a massage center where we have approx. 30 therapists working as independent contractors. I maintain a spreadsheet that lists the therapist, insurer and expiration date. I do this so that I know when I need to ask them for an updated cert. It used to be about 50/50 AMTA or AMBP with a couple of them with Hands On or Affinity. Now, about 80% are with AMBP, 10% with AMTA and a couple with Affinity or HandsOn.


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