Find Touch FAQ for Employers

Why should I use Find Touch over other job websites, like Craigslist?
Find Touch consistently outperforms other Job websites in the number of qualified applicants you receive, as well as time to fill your position. Find Touch gives you access to the broadest pool of licensed massage therapists AND saves you time with tools that streamline the hiring process! For example, Find Touch allows you to categorize and to keep notes about your applicants. Because your notes are stored under your account, no information is lost even when someone else takes over the hiring process.

When I post a job, how do massage therapists find out about my job?
Therapists learn about your job in two ways. They see your posting on the Find Touch Job Board on the website. In addition, therapists receive a daily Jobs Digest email at noon. The Jobs Digest email is tailored to each recipient, showing only those opportunities that match each therapist's specific job preferences (for example, their location and massage modalities practiced).

How long does my job remain active on Find Touch?
Jobs have a 30-day life from the date they are posted unless you choose to close a job before the end of thirty days. Unlike other job sites, your job does not get "buried" - it continues to be marketed to massage therapists every day of the 30-day job lifecycle. So you don't have to pay every week or so to repost your job to make sure that your job is still visible. Nor do you have to pay to advertise to non-massage therapists.

What happens when someone applies to a job I have posted?
When a therapist applies for one of the jobs you posted, you are immediately notified by email, with a convenient link included to log into your Find Touch account. You will see the name of all applicants, the date they applied, and can review their online profiles. You also have up-to-date contact information for each applicant to continue on with the hiring process. There is a place for notes, making it easy to track your conversations with various applicants.

Do you have a free trial available?
We offer a 30-day trial in some of the markets where Find Touch is available where massage employers are invited to try out Find Touch at no charge to get familiar with the service. Your trial account provides you a limited number of applicants, three therapists invites and full access to all features of Find Touch. All you need is an invitation code (see below). No credit card is required during the trial period.

How do get my invitation code and start the free trial?
Email us to inquire if trials are available in your city. Once we give you an invitation code, provide it along with some basic information about your company in the registration form, which is used to create your company profile.

How much does the Find Touch service cost?
There are several payment options available: pay for each job ad you post, or pay a low monthly subscription fee and get a discount on job postings and the level of support your business requires. The subscription is recommended for any company that expects to post jobs 3 times a year or more. You can find our current price list here.

What do I get with my subscription?
In addition to a much lower job posting price, employers with a subscription get discounted access to the Find Touch searchable database of Massage Therapists and the option to display an enhanced profile about their company. The searchable therapist database allows you to proactively search for and contact therapists meeting your job requirements. The enhanced company profile allows you to customize the information that job applicants see about your company, including the ability to display your business logo.

Are there any charges when someone applies for one of my jobs or if I hire someone?
No. The only charges are for posting a job and a monthly access fee if you have a subscription. There is also a small one-time fee for every therapist you proactively contact using our searchable database.

What payment methods can be used after my trial period?
Find Touch requires a valid credit card on file for your account. The credit card on file is billed at the beginning of each month for any applicable charges for your account.

What if my business has multiple locations?
Under the Terms of Service Agreement, each location for your business needs to be registered separately and if you choose to subscribe, each location requires its own payment plan.

Are Find Touch therapists licensed?
Find Touch requires a State License and Professional Liability Insurance for every Massage Therapist registered with its service. It is also a good idea for you to ask for a copy of this information directly when you are considering hiring someone.

How many jobs can I post?
There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post with Find Touch.

How many therapists can I invite?
To avoid spam, Find Touch limits the number of new therapist invites you can make from its searchable therapist database to ten per job. If you have contacted someone in the past or if they have applied for one of your jobs then Find Touch stores their information for you and you do not need to use the searchable database to contact that individual.

How does the searchable therapist database work?
You click on the Search Tab in your Find Touch account and specify any criteria important to you, such as proximity to your zip code, years in practice, gender, or a specific massage modality and click "Search." Find Touch returns a listing of all therapists matching your criteria. You can click on the name of each therapist in the search results to review their online profile (an online resume) and can choose to "Invite" those that that you like to your job opportunity. You are also provided with the phone number and email for any "invited" therapists so that you can follow up with them in person.

How do I display a logo in the profile job applicants see about my company?
When you subscribe to Find Touch, rich text editing is enabled for your Company profile. It allows you to insert pictures as well as to customize text appearance and to include links to other web pages anywhere on the Internet.

How can Find Touch help me for urgent situations?
Regardless of how well staffed you are, emergencies can happen, creating a need for one or several fill-in therapists. Post your fill-in opportunity on Find Touch and make sure to check the "Urgent" box when creating the job. Then, use the searchable database to find massage therapists that appear to be a fit and invite them to your fill-in opportunity. These massage therapists will receive an email OR a text message immediately about your need. If time is of the essence, it is also recommended you contact the invited therapists by phone.

NOTE: Many businesses are choosing to use Find Touch to build a list of on-call therapists ahead of time to be ready for short-notice situations.