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August 31, 2015: Heavy Hearts, Light Touch A massage therapist’s toolbox is crowd with all kinds of fancy techniques to address troubles in the body. Yet one of the most effective techniques one can use to release tension is to say something. Just a little something to put the client at ease. A small joke is letting clients know your (more...)

August 24, 2015: Flames Climb Higher Than Hands Those who do therapeutic massage are well aware of the statistics in the field. Burnout is a huge problem amongst therapists. What I have often heard from people is that massage is too hard to do enough of it to be secure financially and take care of one’s personal needs as well. I’ve also heard (more...)

August 17, 2015: The Downs of Stress Breath My client had tremendous pain – 12 on a scale of 10 – in the area between the shoulder blades. She begged for deep pressure massage, and that did lessen it temporarily. But after 2 days the pain remained a 12. How many times has a client begged for a tough massage in hopes of […] (more...)

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When it comes to massage therapy jobs, massage therapy employers have not had the ability to easily locate licensed massage therapists for their fill-in or temporary massage therapy jobs.

Until Find Touch, there was no convenient way to post urgent massage job opportunities online, so these types of massage job openings would simply go unfilled, taking away from massage employer income and customer satisfaction. At the same time, massage therapists seeking temporary work have not had a reliable and comprehensive resource where they could learn about all massage therapy jobs in their area.

Created exclusively for massage therapists and massage therapy employers, Find Touch is a community that was created to serve the massage therapy employment needs of both the licensed massage therapist and the massage employer. Find Touch provides convenient tools for both massage therapists and massage employers to communicate about current massage therapy job openings - so that business can go on and massage therapy clients can be taken care of!

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