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March 26, 2014: The story of how a stranger became at home in your world Hi there Find Touchers! I’m Mel. Or Melissa, depending on if you get emails from me. I thought that you might like to get to know me a little, and learn how I came to Find Touch, and how massage has changed my life. I was born in San Diego, and moved up to Seattle […] (more...)

February 24, 2014: What We Massage Therapists Know… Recently in looking for an associate to assist in my practice, I interviewed a bunch of massage therapists with ample experience. I thought I would offer a good step - up to private practice to people who wanted to move in that direction. I looked for experience because I wanted people who understood (more...)

December 30, 2013: Tidy Time With each year end, I like to do two things: tidy up the loose ends of my massage therapy practice and set my sights on the coming year. Tidy time is important in the visceral sense: make sure my tax stuff and books are at least all in one box, if not organized, all set […] (more...)

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Massage Therapy Jobs - Convenience of Find Touch

When it comes to massage therapy jobs, massage therapy employers have not had the ability to easily locate licensed massage therapists for their fill-in or temporary massage therapy jobs.

Until Find Touch, there was no convenient way to post urgent massage job opportunities online, so these types of massage job openings would simply go unfilled, taking away from massage employer income and customer satisfaction. At the same time, massage therapists seeking temporary work have not had a reliable and comprehensive resource where they could learn about all massage therapy jobs in their area.

Created exclusively for massage therapists and massage therapy employers, Find Touch is a community that was created to serve the massage therapy employment needs of both the licensed massage therapist and the massage employer. Find Touch provides convenient tools for both massage therapists and massage employers to communicate about current massage therapy job openings - so that business can go on and massage therapy clients can be taken care of!

Learn more about how Find Touch helps create a connection between massage therapy employers and massage therapists.