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Relieve Stress with Virtual Bubble Wrap

I just had to share this one with you guys. As the creator modestly says, it’s only the most fulfilling experience on the World Wide Web!” How can you possibly top that? “All the fun of ordinary bubble wrap, but when you’re done, you can start over!!!” It’s a “silly, strange, bizarre, weird, useless, funny, silly, mindless time waster and stress reliever” and I LOVE IT!!

Full sheet of virtual bubble wrap

Use this fun time waster yourself and pass it along to your stressed-out clients. Make sure you have your speakers on! And be sure to check out “Manic Mode” and listen to what happens when you choose “Fresh Sheet.”

If you want to explore this addictive pastime further (and who wouldn’t ;-), check out

Virtual bubble wrap’s home page

You can:

  • Add virtual bubble wrap to your homepage
  • Learn bubble wrap etiquette
  • Get techniques for popping “real” bubble wrap
  • Try the “insane” version (only if you’re into fart humor)

Have fun, go wild, and start popping!

p.s. A belated Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! This momentous event occurred on January 26th.

Moussaka- It’s What’s for Dinner…in a few hours that is!

Yes, the other day I decided to take an adventure into the recipe book and randomly pick a recipe…bam…opened the book right up to Moussaka. I remembered a few years back being invited to a big Greek family’s house for Christmas dinner and this was one of the dishes on the menu. I thought I remembered it being quite tasty…so why not give it a whirl?

Well, since I kind of skim through things when I read them and don’t always pay attention to all the fine details…and I’ve had conversations with other massage therapist skimmers as well, so I know I’m not alone:), when the recipe asked for 8-10 large eggplants I for some reason did not blink an eye or even think to myself “Geesh that sounds like a lot”! While I was at Trader Joes filling my cart up with these large vegetables…eggplant was a magnet for conversation!! I was getting recipe tips and recommendations for Indian spices (maybe Indian food will be the next dish).

Once I finally had all the ingredients, I got home and started prepping…and yes, “prepping” being the key word. One of the guys in Trader Joe’s even mentioned this when I told him of my Moussaka excursion…I heard him again in the back of my mind “I hope you like to prep”. Okay, sure I do…I love to prep (hee hee)! Am I ever glad I got an early start so I could eat by a decent hour:) There was definitely a fair amount of cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, peeling and what not. I think the most prep involved were these eggplants….coat them in salt for an hour after slicing, after peeling, then rinse, then dry, then broil till’ browned. In a studio apartment, you definitely get creative with counter space…I almost had to start balancing items on my head there for a minute!
When I went back to the recipe book to “prep” the next step I realized…oh…my goodness! I was preparing a dish for 12-18 people…I had to laugh at myself for a moment, and then I thought… yessss! Now I have leftovers:) Once I finally reached the last step of throwing the Moussaka in the oven to bake I felt so overwhelmed with joy…like finishing a great feat or something!

So, the moral? Yes, the moral of the Moussaka story is mmmm mmmm good! I would recommend sharing the warmth of this dish with others, and yes, you will have leftovers, but if you have a big appetite like I do and this is the main dish, it will not feed 12-18 people! The recipe book I took this from is “Nourishing Traditions” and it has an excellent selection of healthy and hearty meals with great tips and pieces of trivia along the way! I also thought you might enjoy a photo of my house guests who were quite pleased the Moussaka madness!

So… a thought for Thanksgiving perhaps?

Michelle B, LMP