Care and Greeting of Clients

What are you doing?

My therapist friend said that phrase in a tone of voice that implied I was sculpting a stone wheel from a boulder.

I’m writing holiday cards to my clients, I replied.

Ohh, no, no, no you will get carpal! she said. Let me show you my toys.

Out whipped the tablet. With its apps. This one sends appointment reminders automatically, along with holiday greetings and birthday offers. Au-to-ma-tic, she said, as if it were a word I have never heard before.

Yup, that’s me sitting there with my stones knives and bear clubs, sending out cards to people whom I have been seeing for massages for so long they are like family. But no, I am modern. My stamps are self-sticking.

I swear it is not age. We are about the same age, my massage therapist friend and I, and we have come up through the ranks into developing our own independent practices.

And I still have an appointment book and pencil. And I send holiday cards. Handwritten.

As my software engineer client told me one day, those apps. are great. Until all your data gets stuck somewhere in the cloud.

Bah Humbug!

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