Filling Out Your Profile Saves Time!

I have been compiling feedback from some of the employers posting job opportunities with Find Touch, and discovered they are much more likely to consider candidates who have taken the time to fill out their profiles.

Not only does this show that you are really interested in finding work, but in the long-run, this will save both you and the employer time during the decision making process. If you have enough information within your profile that makes them feel like they have a good sense of who you are as a massage therapist before even meeting you in person, how wonderful is that!?

Another note I would like to share, is when an employer lists specific instructions in the details of the job opportunity, most of them are looking for follow through on those steps. For those of you who are doing this already…Nice Work!!

Yet to come…an option to send a nice note/ cover letter when you hit the apply button to a job opportunity. This may be a couple months yet, but it is in the works, as we realize it would be nice to add a personal touch to your application, which is really what the Find Touch community is about! If you have anything else that you feel would enhance the experience, we are always open to ideas!

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