Five Things I Wish Job Applicants Wouldn’t Do

This is my edition of the B&M (B— & Moan) Club and it comes after interviewing therapists for employee jobs providing massage, and reading a recent findtouch blog about how not-fun it is to be interviewed for massage positions at chiropractic offices.
True, I have sometimes felt disrespected during interviews when I was looking for work in massage, and it did not bode well for future business relationships. But I have been on the hiring end of the process. Not as a chiropractor, of course, but a hard-working therapist and spa owner. I figured I had a lot to offer, empowering therapists to do their best in a creative environment, and I assumed, eek, that most potential employees would be interested.
  1. If you arrive late, wearing dryer lint on the back of your jeans, I have to assume you have trouble getting to work on time and dressing in appropriate attire. If your neighbor drives you because your car is broken, and your child is with you because the sitter is sick, you do get points for perseverance. They do not outweigh the 500 red flags.
  2. If you have not been convicted of a felony lately, be proud of that. But know that if you tell me you weren’t guilty and were forced to take a plea, and the unreasonable state parole office forces you to tell potential employers, I will think you have trouble taking responsibility for your actions.
  3. Lots of people in the business know where it is tough to work, so I don’t need a laundry list of your current employer’s dishonesty and lack of ethics. Do I need to add that it makes me wonder about your honesty and ethics?
  4. No matter how much you were adored at massage school, you still have to do a good massage with all clients. I’m not interested in dating you, or socializing with your buddies on the pro volleyball circuit.
  5. References should be to people you have worked for, who know your working habits and practices. Your clients should love you, and their testimonials are not references. P.S. Borrowing money from a client to buy a massage table is not a great way to show initiative.
Big sigh. I feel so much better now.
I know not everyone may agree with this list, but please, if you identify with it, makes some changes. It could spark your career.

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