Jump Out of the Recycle Bin: Work-Finding Tips for Massage Therapists…

Most job hunts for massage therapists starts with the cover letter

email and attached resume. It’s the first introduction to a potential employer.

Grab this opportunity to make a great impression!

I have come up with some tips based on my experience interviewing and hiring therapists. These may seem elemental, but many people will be surprised how often applicants skip these steps, sending their first contact into the trash bin folder.


1. When an ad for employment lists requirements such as insurance, licensing, certification, etc., the applicant should be specific in listing those credentials. This means including the proper title, registrant number, issuance date and expiration. Believe it or not, I have seen resumes claiming “state license” in states that do not have licenses. Also, a massage class certificate is not a “license.”


2. Be clear if you do not have a credential. You can always say you qualify – if you really qualify – and will get the credential before starting work.


3. Please use spell check. When an applicant spells their title as “theraspit” it suggests lack of diligence and care, qualities many employers value highly.


4. List prior work experience even if it is in another field. Many massage therapists are on their second or third career, and unrelated work experience boosts applicant credibility.


5. Pictures are optional. Applications are not dating ads. That being said, if you think a picture will get you on top of the list, use it.

6. If you don’t get interviews, ask if there is anything you could do to improve your application for the next potential interview. Many employers will be happy to give you tips. It might also signal a willingness to learn, a quality that will get you noticed.


Good Luck!

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