Renew Your Commitment to Succeed

Tough times. And we’re all affected one way or the other. One of my clients worked for the Seattle PI for 27 years and will be laid off when the paper closes in a couple of weeks. Every day you hear about another Bernie Madoff or seemingly conscienceless Wall Street banker. And no one really has a solution. So where do you find the positive in all this? And how do you find the energy and motivation to move forward?

How about by looking inside and taking stock of your commitment level? Sounds trite, but you’re the only one who can turn your personal situation around.

Whether you have your own practice or are employed in a clinic or spa, I think you’ll find the following article (written by our terrific graphic designer) inspiring and motivating.

The Greatest Determining Factor
I have something inspirational to share this month. It’s not about marketing or improving your design techniques. It’s about you. How are you doing? What is happening in your business right now? Where are you focusing?

I recently met with a new client and she asked how our business was doing. She was a bit shocked to learn that not only is our business increasing in momentum and acquiring a mixture of new clients and returning clients, but—and maybe even more importantly, we are feeling hopeful and encouraged about 2009!

She inquired with a tenor of distress, “Why are you feeling so excited about 2009? I mean the world is in upheaval, the markets are tumbling, the sky is falling, there is fear and doom being peddled at every corner….how can you feel so positive?”

I told her that Magrit and I had decided that we would do whatever it took to build our business this year. We were committing; not just hoping, not just daydreaming, not just wishing, but committing, with absolute conviction that we would do everything in our control and in our power to grow at all cost—within integrity, of course.

I see so many people and their businesses struggling right now. I asked myself who among these people has renewed their commitment to greatness and success? Who among them has decided, truly decided to do things differently; to go outside their comfort zone, whether by starting a blog, hitting the streets with business cards, or agreeing to a public speaking gig… I mean as scary as some of these things are, what is at stake?! What is the cost NOT to do these things?

Can you, no, will you, commit to your business and do whatever it takes to succeed for at least the next 90 days? At the end of 90 days you can evaluate your actions and decide where to go from there. Are you willing to step into your power and own it? That is what it is going to take to succeed. You are the greatest determining factor of whether your business grows or whether you will ask your customers, “Would you like to make that a value meal for an extra buck?”

Remember, the Greatest Determining Factor is You!

Written by Mike Rosario ~ Core Creative Team ~ ~

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