Seven Secrets THEY Don’t Want You to Know

My client, a teacher-in-training, was astonished when her fellow students ignored her first practice teaching class.

Her collegial group huddled over their laptops, tracking a package on UPS, reading e-mails, even one was applying to a competing college’s credential program.

Her carefully crafted first lesson was treated like a slow fly on a hot day.

She was dumbfounded, to say the least. What would happen if they had to put up with that behavior during their own first turn around the track, she asked. Could they at least pretend to be interested? How would they like to be treated like Charlie Brown’s teacher?

I sympathize, I empathize. In my own massage practice I had run into clients who don’t listen, employees who hated the least little coaching.

Ever helpful, I volunteered an idea. You know that guy who makes people pay for the chance to find out how they can power up themselves personally? They get to walk on coals and find their true destiny? Perhaps what we need is that marketing hook for all lesson plans.

Should learning be packaged like soap, electronics and political opinions? Can a shouting commercial pitchman make people pay attention? Order now and I’ll double this offer!

Well, aren’t people supposed to multi-task these days? Sure, we all do. But her cognitive learning course was basically saying that if people can’t focus and listen they can not learn.

Perhaps a good hook is what they need. Instead of cognitive learning 201, try:

“Trick Your Students into Testing Well”

“Five Principles of Successful Vice Principals”

“Teach Algebra While you Text!”

“Get a Teaching Credential Just for Showing Up!”

Taken to its logical thread – yes I do have one – how about marketing hooks for those folks on our tables?

“Never Have a Headache Again!”

“Feel 20 Years Younger without Getting a Divorce!”

“Look to the Left without Pain!”

“Discover Your Personal Power Ranger Within!”

Well, it was good for a few laughs. Perhaps it might make a good e-book.

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