What We Massage Therapists Know…

Recently in looking for an associate to assist in my practice, I interviewed a bunch of massage therapists with ample experience. I thought I would offer a good step-up to private practice to people who wanted to move in that direction. I looked for experience because I wanted people who understood the economics and challenges of massage practice. The resumes were pretty interesting.
One resume listed athletes the person had massaged. That’s it.
I did ask for credentials. People told me they were licensed in my state. We don’t have a state license.
Or they could get it if required, along with insurance. Tell me, how had they worked in the field thus far without the basics?
As I weeded through the applicants, I tried interviewing a few by phone. One hung up when I explained that I would pay minimum wage//click//plus piece-work for massages performed.
I was getting a little bummed out. Then I found someone who I thought was great in person, on the phone and in resume. There was only one problem. She did not want to work on any of the days/shifts I could make available. Turns out she was burned out on her spa job and did not want to take on any more massage time.
Why was she answering my ad, I thought.
Back to the drawing board.

8 thoughts on “What We Massage Therapists Know…

  1. maria

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  2. Michelle Morris

    I am licensed and insured to work in my state. Being a Massage therapist is a joy to me. I would Never work for someone else for minimum wage/per client. This type of work is how most therapists get burnt out. Deep tissue massage alone, is worth a lot more then minimum wage. First rule; you get what you pay for. Good Luck!

  3. Cynthia

    Yup, as soon as you used the phrase “minimum wage” I’d know your attitude towards your “help” and I wouldn’t be interested either. You as a therapist should know better.

    People who act like they can’t pay their employees a living wage which respects their effort and the toll massage takes on their body really bother me. I have run my own business and I have also been employed as a massage therapist. My former boss paid me fairly–$35 per hour to start (plus tips), and after a year, 50/50 split (which meant I was paid more for treatment work that was billed to PIP or worker’s comp). She was able to do this while making plenty of money herself out of the deal. It is not necessary to be so stingy.

    Try being more generous and see what comes to you. I believe you’ll have a much better experience. Your stinginess is drawing poor experiences to you.

    1. Sue Peterson Post author

      Thanks for the input Cynthia….If you check the post, I was explainign that the minimum was a guaranteed wage versus a per-massage-session pay rate of $28 to $30 per session hour. Did your employer pay you $35 an hour if you were not doing a massage?

  4. Sue Peterson Post author

    Well, I do learn. Now I don’t mention anything about a guaranteed minimum until after carefully explaining the massage pay rates for sessions and spa treatments. Saying the “minimum” word just shuts people’s listening apparatus down. No insult inended, of course.

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