Growing Demand for Chair Massage in the Workplace

Like so many of my peers, I used to regard chair massage as nothing but an “introductory” technique that would allow clients to experience a bit of massage, after which they’d want to come to a spa or clinic where they’d get a longer “real” session.  That was, until one day when I joined a group providing massage on-site at a large retail chain for both customers and floor staff.

The response from the staff was so profoundly grateful, that it opened my eyes and changed my whole perception of chair massage. The women who came up were shocked at how much better they felt. They asked, “Is there any way that you could do this on a regular basis? Could you get our management to set this up?” They could tell that they were receiving true healing benefit from even those short 10-minute sessions.

So, why is chair massage viewed as less-valuable than other modalities like sports massage, clinical massage, Thai, shiatsu, etc.? Well, for one thing, sessions tend to be shorter: instead of an hour, they run just 10-30 minutes. Secondly, clients are clothed, so you can’t access their skin. You have to modify your technique, and you can’t use many techniques, like effleurage. Plus, certain body areas, like the front of the legs, abdominal area, and the chest, are not exposed without special arrangement.

However, there are a lot of things that you can do in a chair massage session. You still get great access to people’s neck, back, head, shoulders, arms, and hands. But the most interesting thing that I learned that day is that for some of those clients, this would be the only version of massage that they would ever receive or consider receiving, and, while it might be less-effective than a full session on the table, we all know that all massage has benefits simply because healing touch is healing touch.

I’ve come to realize that clothed chair massage is a wonderful and valuable modality unto itself that serves a portion of the population for whom it’s the perfect fit:

  • People who are not comfortable taking off their clothing—those who are shy or maybe have religious conventions that prevent them from getting undressed
  • Those who may not have the funds to go for a $70-90 session but will gladly spend $25 for 15-20 minutes of massage
  • All those hard-working, busy people, who are so busy that taking an hour or two out of their day is just not feasible. For them, access to a shorter session nearby or even potentially right in their neighborhood or where they work is a godsend.

Don’t underestimate the role that chair massage, particularly on-site, can play in your practice.

6 thoughts on “Growing Demand for Chair Massage in the Workplace

  1. Pauline Haughton

    I have been doing chair massage for about 9 years now and this is and has been the response from a lot of my clients who now have this on a regular weekly and bi weekly basis. Of course I have made a couple of table and Thai massage clients from this, but people generally feel better knowing they have regular hands on for a proportion of the price. People gladly pay $25 for 15-20 mins.

  2. Andrea Hanssen CMT

    That was a great article.I have been bringing my chair to offices and hospitals for over 20 years. My chair is on wheels and I take her everywhere! I love doing Corporate Chair. I started my business by locking myself in the bedroom and making at least 10 cold calls a day before leaving the room. The phone book was my best friend, back in the day. The smiles on people’s face after I work on them gives me a lot of satisfaction. If a company truly cares about its employees it must have a massage therapist with a massage chair as part of their wellness program. Andrea Hanssen, CMT Northern CA

  3. Mark Anthony Duckworth

    I truly appreciate the chair massage for it’s simplicity & convenience for those with complicated schedules and various barriers( reason ) for not derobing ! Thanks for the input Find Touch!

  4. Val Lawrence

    HI I totally agree with this week’s blog the benefitsof the chair are so great people have no idea they can receive a better reaction to shoulder and neck and back than luring down. Also if left and hip issues then we can work on those as well. You must know we can do them longer as well it’s what people can afford and are willing to give out.


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