What Your Massage Room Says About You

Chances are, if you’ve been practicing massage for a while, you are a skilled, effective, and caring practitioner and that you put yourself forward as such with a professional demeanor and appearance.  But what about your massage room? Have you ever wondered what it says to your clients about you?  Try doing this quick audit the next time you have a few minutes:

  • Look at the client area. Is there a little tray clearly set out for their jewelry or cell phone? Or, is your water bottle, lotion, and knick-knacks in that space? With those there, it isn’t clear to the client whether or not this is a place for their belongings.
  • Check your massage table. Does it look nice and crisp, with the sheets pulled tight like in a 5-star hotel room? Or, does it look like somebody’s been rolling around on there and you might have forgotten to change the sheets?
  • Look through the cradle. What do you see? Is it a nice clean floor or carpet? Or, can your client see a garbage can, your shoes, and some old smelly socks tucked in the corner?
  • Turn over, and look up. Is the ceiling in good repair? Or, is there a harsh light fixture that could be softened by tacking up a scarf? While your client might close their eyes for most of the session, this is the first thing they’ll see when you’re done.
  • Check your plants or flowers. What kind of shape are they in–healthy & green? Or, are there some yellowing leaves or signs of plant-neglect? If so, know that it can imply you don’t care.
  • Look at the floors. Are they clean and neat? Or are there pieces of paper, tissues, or other types of debris strewn around the room?

Of course we all know how important it is to have a clean, welcoming space, and yet, you’d be surprised how many times when you go into a massage room what you find is far from a stellar and welcoming presentation. So, my motto is:

“If you can’t show it off, don’t show it to anyone. Tidy up.”

If you wouldn’t take somebody on a first date to this massage room, or if you wouldn’t show it off proudly to your mom, then it’s time to get to work and make sure your room is sending the right message.

4 thoughts on “What Your Massage Room Says About You

  1. Carolyn

    Thank you for posting. This is an excellent article. A great reminder of the cleanliness that comes with owning your own business. Personal hygiene is important but if your room looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in awhile they won’t be back and you’ll have no idea why.

  2. Nick

    Good suggestions! You only get one chance to make a good first impression and it begins with you and your massage room.

  3. Jerry H

    Good article for all massage therapists new or experienced. I would add the following:
    Make sure your door handles, massage table legs/frame and other surfaces that clients or you touch are sanitized and not left feeling oily or greasy from lotions or oils. Make sure to air out the room as needed and check for any odors lingering from a previous massage session. Make sure to empty your wastebasket often even if not full or overflowing as it may appear that leave it only until full and that is a negative impact. I also think providing a chair to sit on to put on shoes or clothing as well as a surface for clients to place or hang their clothes is important. Hope this helps.


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