Treat Your Own Kinks…

Treat Your Own Kinks…


While we massage therapists are busy rubbing away knots, an industry has been developing of how-to guides to assist clients between office visits.

The publications start with “Treat Your Own…” and I have always been a fan of the guru self-treatment book, Robin McKenzie’s “Treat Your Own Neck.”

When I worked in a busy office, I finally put McKenzie’s book on a chain by my desk because mckenzieit would somehow disappear, especially when we all got busy and crabby.

I am also a fan of Jim Johnson’s “Treat Your Own Spinal Stenosis” a great guide to the basics of home therapy.

Clients recently diagnosed with stenosis understandably have a massive freak-out, especially if they read on-line medical websites about paralysis and loss of continence. Johnson takes the fear out and breaks it down to simple, regular stretching and strengthening.

Before I recommend any of these books to a client, I buy them, read them, and do them. I might just learn something new, and as long as the book advice appears sound, I’ll recommend it to clients. These publications are written by very experienced doctors, physical therapists or massage therapists, but I’ve seen a couple of pubs, and especially videos, I would call off-beat.

A check of the web turned up troves of “Treat Your Own….’’ books for shoulders, knees, carpal, shoulders, backs, etc.

It gives people with these conditions a step-up to consistent therapy. Human nature being what it is, few of us will do “knees to chest” six times, six times a day in Johnson’s stenosis book.

But a massage therapist or client who does draw knees to chest at least once a day will feel better than those who never do it. My personal favorites are those who stretch only during nine supervised physical therapy visits. A go-to book comes in handy!






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