Smart Companions

smart monkeyNumb fingertips, cramp-y necks and para-spinals that feel like abandoned rock quarries. We massage therapists treat the injuries that computer technology can produce.

My smart phone just updated itself (can it reproduce?) revealing the phrase “Lifetime Companion” on the home screen. Really? This whole phone thing has gotten out of hand.

People are ruining their eyesight, developing dowager humps and filling up my schedule book from peering at tiny screens. Weren’t these things supposed to help us?

Device injuries have delightful names such as Pac Man Pinky, Smart Phone Presbyopia, and Blackberry Thumb. Let’s hear it for the names. But when are we going to get devices that do not turn us into garden gnomes?

I have been waiting…tap…tap…tap. Captain Kirk just had to ask the computer to do stuff, he dictated his log, and sometimes he would twist a little button on his communicator. The only repetitive motion he suffered was trying to do that funny split-finger salute when Spock introduced him to the fam.

The techies have been awaiting the Apple I Watch, a device that looks like we will all be hunching over something even smaller in the coming months.

We massage therapists can hear a “Ca-Ching!” in our futures. The devices are not getting better. They are getting us more work than we can handle. So much for getting to that seminar in Costa Rica this year….

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